You can choose from a variety of rubber accessories for your river adventure. The number of people and the corresponding distribution and the participants weight play a role in the charter logic. We have dinghys, kayaks, tubes and accessories ranging from person numbers 1 to 5 individuals, each with a max. weight indication. For boats with higher number counts, please feel free to contact us personally.

In the rent included is the already pumped boat, the paddle and if available the seat cushion. A life jacket per person will be distributed which we warmly recommend you to wear constantly. Pro dinghy you also receive either a dry bag, or a proviant can for your belongings or supplies. The Rhine is a flowing water with its hazards and risks. Before your booking study details such as max weight and accertain yourself whether your rental count matches your number of participants and does not exceed the weight of each item.

Otherwise your ship and provisions will be at the same time your embark sinking to the ship’s cemetery and the fish are happy about all the Food.

Our Boats


For information, price for the boats, rent and reservations you can reach us by email, contact form or by phone during opening hours. If we do not pick up the phone right away, do not worry, we see your call and details and will call you and come back to you as soon as possible.