Safety Instructions

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, the Rhine is a flowing water with its hazards and risks!To ensure that the fun remains unaffected, we have certain rules each individualhas to observe and adhere to guarantee safety on the river. Go to we warmly suggest you to make yourself knowledgable at the few main rules.

Each one who enters the water carries the high responsibility not only for him/herself but also for all other around him/her. We recommend the crossing “ONLY” for experienced swimmers. This also applies to children. We recommend a minimum age of 14 years and only accompanied by at least one adult.

Dangers such as ships, bridge piers or sailing vessels must be always observed and suitable precautions must be taken.Always obey to the driving rules for boats and swimmers.Rescue vests are compulsory for all journeys, not at least because one’s ability can also help others better. (still further …)