Ahoi Pirates!

Our small harbor is located directly on the Rhine bridge in Stein am Rhein. Just a few steps away from the real adventure. But before you can embark, you must charter, of course, a seaworthy nut shell for your upcoming adventure. In order to conquer the Rhine you can either hire a galleon, a frigate and for a smaller budget a rubber boat, or a tube. The Rhine was already tried to be navigated by barrel, but we strongly advise against it.

We offer families, groups, companies or individuals, the completeCarefree package. No tedious transport of the boat, the paddle, no major food provisions. Also no more burdensome inflation of your transport! Return transport to the homeport are also bookable.

On arrival everything is ready for the bathing pleasure and at the end with the clear ship we make everything easy for you. So you only have your fun time left.

This you can only take it yourself, but more later about the right behavior.